CIPS and ValueOne develops buyer training programme for Electrolux

CIPS and ValueOne develops buyer training programme for Electrolux’s Purchasing Academy, supporting Supply Chain professionals of the future

ValueOne and the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has been training the buyers of tomorrow at global company Electrolux so the team can focus on cost efficiencies, reducing risk, improving surety of supply, quality and supplier relationship management.

The tailored programme from CIPS, showed team members how to get a solid grounding in the principles of procurement and supply and to learn the tools to tackle today’s challenges of commodity shortages and rising costs, supply risks, longer lead times and transportation issues.

CIPS is the largest professional body in the world for procurement and supply with over 64,000 members in 180 countries and provides training, and qualifications and the MCIPS designation for fully qualified members who can become Fellows and/or Chartered professionals.

Electrolux, a leading global appliance company employs over 50,000 people globally. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the Electrolux share (ELUXb) is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. The company sells approximately 60 million household products in over 120 markets every year.

ValueOne who partnered on the training with CIPS to deliver the programme in Sweden is the country partner representing CIPS exclusively in Sweden. ValueOne specialises in Supply Chain Management – Procurement and Supply and offers Management Consulting, Interim Solutions and Recruitment Services. ValueOne has offices around Sweden and supports companies of all sizes in all industries.

The programme consisted of face-to-face classroom instruction with both theoretical and practical learning and targeted for the needs of the business and individual learners.

Fredrik Andersson from ValueOne, who managed the CIPS programme said, “Working with such a large Swedish enterprise as Electrolux and a globally-recognized organisation like CIPS has been an absolute privilege. I am proud that our training programme is now part of Electrolux’s Purchasing Academy and that the third programme is being planned.

“As world trade becomes more challenging, at ValueOne we encourage and support other companies who are in in need of training, competence development within their Supply Chain organisation or development of their procurement and supply capabilities to get in touch”

Filippo Milanese, Chief Purchasing Officer from Electrolux AB said, “Electrolux Purchasing and CIPS have been collaborating for over 2 years on tailor-made programs dedicated to our young talent and the full purchasing and sourcing community.

“Thanks to its well-recognized skills and competences, CIPS has proven to be a valuable business partner in accelerating the onboarding process of the new team members.

“Through dedicated projects and people development programs it has been possible to engage and grow our most talented people into qualified professional hence creating additional value for our company.

“The collaboration with CIPS has been also instrumental in keeping our purchasing community updated with the most recent procurement function evolution and tools, which has become even more essential to cope with the challenges of the current volatile market.

“The positive feedback received from the participants makes me even more confident to continue engaging with CIPS in the future to harness new opportunities together.”