Möt Peter Issa, en av våra kompetenta medarbetare!

Originally from Syria, I graduated from Damascus University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. However, the war that broke out in my homeland in 2011 forced me to leave and seek asylum elsewhere. In 2013, I arrived in Sweden and began rebuilding my life here.

After settling in Uddevalla I found my first job in the Automotive industry as a purchaser in 2016. I later relocated to Stockholm in late 2020, where I worked as a driver while searching for a job in my profession of supply-chain management.


In March 2021, I connected with my current employer, ValueOne, thanks to their exceptional talent acquisition team who recognized my potential and offered me a promising career that aligned with my professional aspirations. ValueOne offered me a new opportunity in the Energy Industry when they assigned me to work at one of Stockholm’s most successful startups, Polarium Energy Solutions AB, that offers sustainable energy storage solutions built on lithium-ion battery technology.

I currently work as a Project Buyer in the Global Sourcing Engineering team at Polarium. In this role, I focus on product development projects while also working on indirect materials projects such as being S&P manager for the establishment of the latest production site in Cape Town, South Africa.

ValueOne has been instrumental in supporting my career development, providing me with education, career advice, and wellbeing support. I am grateful for the professional seminars and after-work activities they offer, which have helped me stay motivated and focused.

As for my future at ValueOne, I am excited about the opportunities for growth and development that lie ahead. I am open to taking on new challenges and roles that will allow me to further develop my skills and expertise.