Welcome to ValueOne, we are specialists in Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Logistics

We develop and streamline your Supply Chain! With our background from leading positions in Supply Chain Management in different organizations, we understand your needs. In a fast-changing world with the requirement to continually improve, streamline or create new Supply Solutions, we can effectively help solve the situations and challenges you face. Our appreciated hands-on approach allows us to advise and effectively meet all needs of process and organizational development, resource support and the recruitment needs you may have.

Since the start of 2009, we have successfully completed several hundred assignments, based on unique needs, in several industries, within our three business areas: Business Development, Interim Solutions and Recruitment. ValueOne supports companies in different industries and our customers are of all sizes and operate both nationally and globally.

Our ever-expanding Supply Chain Community with competent consultants and candidates has extensive experience from different industries and positions. With our specialist skills and operational experience, we increase competitiveness based on your needs with a particular focus on Change Management and Implementation.

So welcome to ValueOne, we look forward to the opportunity to Develop and Streamline Your Supply Chain!