My own experiences and business needs created ValueOne!

During my 30 years in different Executive management positions within Supply Chain and Operations, I often felt that the external support and services that were offered did not meet my expectations in all perspectives.

When I saw a need to recruit or find good interim solutions or resource consultants, I found that the established recruitment and staffing companies did not always understand all the dimensions of what I was looking for.

Despite clear role descriptions, my customer experience was that I had to do a crucial part of the assignment myself.

Basic selection criteria, such as screening and profile evaluation, I had to do myself whenever I needed a new employee or resource consultant.

Also, in cases when I needed more advanced consultancy services, I had a tough time finding a collaboration partner with the necessary operational experience and perspective. There were many good alternatives who could help with strategies and best practice, but I was missing background from line positions with knowledge on how to drive change and implementation processes to ensure results.

My own experience of what was missing in the services I was looking for was confirmed by people in my own network and this is what later became the foundation of ValueOne. I wanted to offer the market relevant services based on my own experience and business needs.

I had also for some time nurtured a dream of running a company based on my own prerequisites and insights with full responsibility for delivery and results.

That is why I am enormously proud, over a decade after the start, that my perceived needs were consistent with the market. Because in 2009, a competent, easy-to-deal with and fast-mowing company was established that supplies different consultancy services from a strategic toan operational level within Supply Chain Management, which I named ValueOne.

Welcome to ValueOne!

Christer Atterström

CEO and Founding Partner

ValueOne currently has offices in Stockholm, Linköping, Göteborg, Uppsala, and Malmö. With the highest quality in delivery and customer focus we shall always add value. We aim for continued growth where we ourselves, together with our customers, set limits for what is possible.