Our business perspective strengthens your company’s competitiveness

Our expertise and partnerships span over a variety of industries and all perspectives of the value chain in Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Logistics.

We have a special focus on Change Management and implementation. We have performed development and streamlining assignments for our customers including the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Analysis and Strategy
  • Spend analysis, Category and supplier strategy including Supplier Relation Management (SRM)
  • Development of customer driven Supply Chain
  • Warehouse and distribution analysis – model and implementation
  • Contract structure and negotiation
  • Organizational structure and competence development
  • Processes, methodology and tools
  • Targets, development of KPI´s and follow-up

Examples of served industries:

Oil and Petrochemical, Medicine, Health Care, Medical Technology, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Clean Tech, Retail, Energy, Public administration, Automotive, Aerospace, E-commerce, High Tech, Food Industry, Transportation, Mining, Construction, Finance & Insurance and Start-up’s.

Example of assignments:

  • Development and implementation of model for Customer Driven Supply Chain
  • Spend and inventory analysis including development of strategy for purchasing and inventory management
  • Review of supplier base and implementation of new contract framework including negotiation of price and terms
  • Strategy and operationalization of new warehouse model
  • Development and support for implementation of new company operating model
  • Development and implementation of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) model
  • Strategic and tactical set-up and work for development of new brands
  • Process and methology development for implementation of new ERP system
  • Development of new warehouse layout
  • Strategic planning linked to mega trends